FO Friday

I’ve been a little MIA lately.  I’m trying to get back into a routine with having both boys back in school.   I say it every year I know, but this summer really did fly by for me.  I feel like it was just a long weekend and now they are back to school.

 I feel like the only one but I actually miss my kids when I send them back.  I like having them home in the summer.  That’s one reason I like helping out in their school as much as I can.  I like getting to see them with their classmates and getting to know the kids that for the majority, they will spend their school career with.  I like just watching the kids and trying to figure out who they will turn out to be.  I like that I ‘know’ the kids not just from sons’ grades but from all of the grades.  I might not know them by name but they have come to recognize me and I’ll get a smile and a wave if I see them around town.    Its also nice forming my own friendships again.  Last night was back to school night for my oldest son and it was funny.  There we were, this huge group of mom’s in the lobby, laughing and exchanging new phone numbers, swapping first week of school stories and just  catching up from summer break.  It was nice to see my friends again 😉  

With my kids being back to school, weirdly enough I have not only been working more but I have also been getting more knitting done.  Maybe that can also be blamed for my blogging break.  I can’t just keep posting about all I have to do, I have to actually get it finished. 

I actually have a FO on a friday!  I’m so excited!!  






My Tappan Zee is finally finished!  I still need to block it.  I hoping it will stretch enough because its a little shorter than I had hoped it would be.  I’m having knitting issues.  I actually do swatch sometimes and I did for this.  I was running out of yarn by the end and had to omit a couple of rows at the bottom.   I did find a small ball of this yarn floating around my stash and ended up having enough to bind off and I could have even knit back and added a row or two but I was just done at that point.  

Hopefully, with school back in full swing and before I get busy with my own school obligations I can get the rest of my gifts finished up in time for the holidays!  


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