Vortex Update

I was going to wait to post a finished picture of my Vortex shawl,  I’m just so in love with it I just can’t wait….plus I have a question.




The pattern calls for a picot bind off, which I have never done.  How much yarn should I reserve? What is pictured is what I have.   I know I keep saying it and I should just knit instead of posting about it but I can’t wait to see if off the needles.  It is going to be SO big!  I really have no idea what  I will do with it, I don’t think I’ll wear it as a shawl, I’m not much into circular shawls but I love it.  


Also, I couldn’t wait this weekend, I cast on for my SSKAL14 project.  I haven’t gotten far, the pattern is pretty in depth compared with what I’ve been knitting lately.  That’s a good thing though.  Once I have the Vortex finished I will only have one mindless knit to work on when I’m out and about and the sweater will be for at home.  Here is my progress so far, which isn’t much.



This yarn is so hard to get a good picture of, I guess I’m just used to my day glow shawl.  😉

In order to get things finished I am not going to let myself post anymore until my Vortex is finished!




5 thoughts on “Vortex Update

  1. Oh dear – picot bind-offs take forever, and eat up a surprising amount of yarn! It’s hard to tell from your photo how much yarn is left, but I do hope it will be enough!

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