Maybe Blogs about Knitting aren’t a Good Idea?

Tonight I’ve come to the conclusion that reading other knitting blogs is probably not good for me right now.  

As I’ve been stating numerous times, I have ALOT of Christmas knitting to do.  So much that I probably should have gotten a start on Dec 26, 2013.  So, as I was reading another blog and I had favorited probably the 5th pattern of the night on Ravelry from reading said blog,  I found a pattern that I felt like I had to knit right that very second.  I literally almost got up from my computer and went upstairs to start winding the yarn.  

Here is the pattern or possibly this one.   With this yarn….I absolutely love this yarn.  I got this two years ago at Maryland Sheep & Wool.  It is from Neighborhood Fiber Co. I had originally bought it to make this. 




Then I remembered myself and the fact that I am on a speed knitting mission right now because I really need to finish some things so I can free up the needles in order to start some of my Christmas stuff.  Plus I need to sit and really decide on certain patterns for some gifts, right now I only have basic ideas on what I want to make for some people.  

Here is my list so far…

Logan: Minecraft blanket.  Not so stressed about this since football practice is underway.  I’ve realized I can get a square done at practice a night.  So even if I do this only at practice I should be good.  I have 10/100 squares finished.  Almost finished with one color half finished with another.  

Cole: Arlo sweater. I have the yarn picked out for this.



 I need to rip out a shawl I’m not doing so I can have the needles so I can start this ASAP.  

Ryan: a blanket I think.  I was thinking sweater but he made a comment awhile back about not having his own blanket to cover up with.  I really need a good pattern though.

Mom: Was thinking of an Elfe.  Not  sure though.  I’d like it to be a sweater of some type.  Possibly another Pull Me Over?  She’s complaining because I had promised her a sweater for Christmas many years ago.  I still have it, not finished.  It is absolutely HORRIBLE.  The color is disgusting.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Just awful.  So glad I never finished it.  

MIL: a really nice blanket/lap blanket.  She is very crafty isn’t a knitter though.  Very hard to buy for and never wants anything.  Thought it would be a good idea to make something knitted for her.  No ideas though.

SIL: I work with this SIL, she crochets and kinda of knits.  She went with me to learn how to knit a very long time ago and also taught me how to read crochet patterns.  Constantly comments about wanting a shawl.  Was thinking of Dream Stripes with this yarn..


Its a bad picture.  Its KnitPicks Stroll/Glimmer, so it has sparkly bits throughout.  

Jane: This is my FIL’s wife.  I do usually knit her something small.  Was thinking of something easy.  A set of coasters or dish towels/cloths.  Could be a last minute thing.  Not stressing over this one, if it happens it happens.    

Very excited that the majority of this I can do from stash yarn.  I will have to buy yarn for some but not all.  I have  a ton of bulky yarn that I’m hoping to use for at least one of the blankets.  

Any ideas?  Favorite quick easy patterns?  Am I absolutely delusional thinking I’ll get all of this finished in time for Christmas?  



6 thoughts on “Maybe Blogs about Knitting aren’t a Good Idea?

  1. Great blog, I really like some of the patterns you have picked out. The Knit Picks Stroll is a delight to knit with, I just finished a sweater with it a little bit ago. It’s good that you are thinking about your Christmas knitting now, I don’t seem to think about it till October and then it’s a mad rush to get it all done.
    Knitting in Pearls

    • Thanks 🙂

      I normally wait until about the beginning of Nov and decide I’m going to knit everything for everyone for Christmas! Not this year, I really would like to cut down on bought gifts, nobody in my family NEEDS anything. Hopefully I can pull it off 😉

  2. I’m sure you can do. In fact, I know you can. But, let me be the imp on your shoulder. Knit out loud and proud! Cast on something new and not on the Christmas list every now and again…or you could find yourself on a dangerous path to only-gift knitting year-round. Slippery slope…(LOL)

    • Thanks! yes I can see how that would happen! I’m not normally a big Christmas knitter. I just came across things I would like to make for people and I really am hoping to cut down on the cost of Christmas this year.

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