Tea Cups & the Comet

We have been trying to find fun things to do over the past few weeks, its really hard for a family of four to find things to do that don’t cost hundreds of dollars.   We live very close to Hershey, PA the place where the chocolate comes from.  Over the winter we attended a Hershey Bears hockey game and received free tickets to Hersheypark.  It is an amazing giveaway because it would run us well over $200 just to get in. It drives me insane how expensive it is to get into the park  and there is no option if you don’t ride any of the rides.  

We had made plans to go with my sister in law and her family but every time we had agreed to go, something would come up so we ended up finally getting to go this past Saturday, it was a hot mess.  Way too crowded and I didn’t realize how much of a big deal Hersheypark has become.  I guess I live to close to it that I just don’t see it as a big hot vacation spot.  

I had wanted to get more pictures but it was crowded to the point it was hard to even walk around let alone take pics.  Here is the only shot I had gotten.




Our kids love the tea cups & tilt a whirl.  We had gone to another amusement park earlier in the summer and they went back and forth between these two rides all day long.  They had wanted to do the same thing at Hershey but the lines were too long and the rides too far apart.  Cole is my little dare devil though, he rode a roller coaster with me!  We rode the Comet and he LOVED it!  I wish I had taken a picture or been able to get a video of it.  The entire time he was yelling and laughing, he had a great time.  

We ended up staying until almost 11pm, but they didn’t really get to ride a whole lot because the lines were just that long.  I really hope to take them next summer and spend more time there.  

Hopefully we can continue to squeeze in some fun in these last few weeks of summer vacation.




2 thoughts on “Tea Cups & the Comet

  1. Kimberly, I’ve tried to reach you a couple of ways, because you won the giveaway on my blog! There was a slight mistake in the announcement video (knitting out loud, instead of knit out loud) and thenI wasn’t able to figure out what your mail was and tried reaching you on Ravelry. Only now did it occur to me to click your name, silly me. Please email me your address and I’ll get the package in the mail for you right away.

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