Summer Fun



I had started a post yesterday but didn’t save it before I finished it and now its gone 😦

Oh well.

We’ve been busy the past few days.  I’ve been trying to do things with the boys since summer, like it or not, is winding down 😦 I’ve always hated the time right after my birthday, summer has always seemed to fly by.  It especially does now because it seems like my kids go back to school earlier and earlier every year.

I’m not ready.

I’m already having not fun drama begin with my oldest and he’s only 10 (going on 15). I never really realized how little control I have over the choices they make, I mean I know that but its a scary feeling.

This is a little of what we’ve been up to….



Football camp has begun! Summer officially over.


Mmm…my new favorite, a snowball.

photo 2

Tennis anyone?


They are out of order but here is a rundown.  My youngest son has decided to do football camp this year, its just a week long camp, in the evenings.  Its fun, my oldest has done it for the past 4 years though he isn’t this year.   My youngest wants to play football again this year but I don’t know if we’ll have the time.

Next up, a snowball.  I had been hearing everyone talk about ‘snowballs’ on fb.  I thought it was just a snow cone/slushie.  It is but its not.  We stopped at a place on Friday night.  Super good.  A million different wacky flavors.  Its flavored ice mixed with ice cream plus you can also get toppings like marshmallow on it.

I have been telling my boys for months we would get tennis rackets and go play at the park.  I haven’t played since high school, now I use that term loosely.  I was never on a team but I’d go hit some balls with my sister in law who was on the team.  The boys and I went on Thursday then we took their dad on Saturday.  So much fun!  I’m still sore from playing.  I think we will make it a common occurrence 🙂

Finally, peaches!  We have this sad, sorry looking peach tree at work.  It grew from someone just throwing a peach pit out, its now half knocked down but is COVERED with peaches this year.  This bag hardly put a dent it the bounty of fruit on the tree.

 Cole, my youngest, did have a lot of hockey this weekend.  He said goodbye to his hockey coaches who are joining Disney on Ice this year in the Frozen tour.  It was sad but we are so incredibly happy for them.  We can’t wait to see the show!

That’s about it.  Not much knitting got done.  Some did.  But not as much as I needed to get done.  I will end this with a progress pic of my Vortex shawl.  I added a larger cable and its already getting too big, so I can’t get a very good shot of it.

IMG_2768 IMG_2770

Its coming along wonderfully.  These pictures don’t really show the colors well.  I am a little bummed, I have been just tossing the next two mini skeins in my bag and taking them with me. I dug it all out last night at football and realized I am missing one of my next colors.  Its not a HUGE deal but I know I’ll find it as soon as I’m too far past that color to add it back.

So that’s what’s been going on here.  Hopefully I’ll get more done now that sports practices are underway 🙂


6 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Oh my, you say the pictures don’t do the color justice? If that’s the case I can’t imagine how beautiful they must be in person. I too am sad to feel the summer winding down to an end. I live in Alaska and usually our summers are amazing, but this one has been all rain. I still feel like I’m waiting for the summer to get started.

    • No the pictures really don’t. Its not so eye-blindingly bright, I’ve since added more of the purple colors and it has really toned down the bright yellow/orange. It is still beautiful though. I can’t wait for it it be off the needles. It really hasn’t felt like summer here at all. My son just started football and its normally so hot you can’t breath, last night I sat through a rainstorm & then proceeded to shiver until my husband brought me my winter coat. In July. Its just not right.

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