WIP Wednesday

I’m currently having a little trouble concentrating on one project.   As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I started picking up the yarn I’m going to use to make my oldest the Minecraft blanket for Christmas.  I was going to go to Michaels and buy the brand of yarn that the pattern calls for but I was too impatient and I wanted to get started on it now.

I know how I am, its barely July, so I’ll keep telling myself “oh, I have plenty of time!” then it will be Dec. 24 at 12am and I’ll be feverishly still knitting squares, still needing to sew them all together before day break.

Here’s what I got instead.

IMG_2696 IMG_2701 IMG_2703


I think I did pretty good matching up the colors compared with the Loops & Thread brand yarn originally used. I did buy one shade wrong that I need to return, it should be a darker green but its way too light.  I actually found pattern notes on Ravelry that substituted RHSS and has a list of the colors they used.  It has been super helpful.


I haven’t added much  to my Vortex Shawl since I last posted, I’ve been working on it but not as much.  It has become my project to work on while I’m waiting at the ice rink for my youngest son to finish up with hockey practice/lessons.  It’s a great project because I don’t have to look at what I’m doing and I’m not carrying around huge skeins of yarn like I do for the blanket.


Hopefully by next Wednesday I’ll have many more squares to show you and more of the Vortex completed 🙂




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