Going Swimming

This week has been a lazy week so far for us.  The place where I work closes down this week for vacation.  This year we have no plans so   we’ve been kind of just hanging out.  I had intentions of cleaning my house but then I felt guilty not doing something with my kids.  So yesterday and today we spent time at my parents pool.




I also had big plans of doing tons of knitting during vacation however that has not happened either.  Though I did pick up some Red Heart to start the Minecraft blanket.  Its been a long time since I’ve used good old RHSS, the last time I used it, it was pretty rough and scratchy.  Surprisingly these couple skeins I got don’t seem awful.  Hopefully something has changed with RHSS, it was what I had originally used back when I first started crocheting and while its not my favorite yarn, there’s something to be said for only paying $2.88 for a big skein of it, especially when I’m making something for my kids 🙂


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