FO Friday

While this is technically a FO, I didn’t recently finish it but its the most recent FO I have to post about.

It is probably one of my favorite knits so far, I can see myself using this pattern many more times, it is Elfe.




I used stash yarn, the light blue is from The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! and the dark blue is Beaches from Creatively Dyed.  I had two hanks of each color and only used I full of the Bugga and a small part of the second.  The Beaches didn’t even use a full hank.




My only problem with it is I didn’t join the colors the right way, I thought I was but all down the back the stripes are a little funky.  I still have to finish weaving in some of the ends, hopefully I can get it to not look so bad.  I finished it  a few days before I went to Maryland Sheep & Wool and I was trying to weave them in on my way down to the festival.  Probably not a good idea 😉


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