Christmas in (almost) July

In order to calm myself down from yesterday’s fiasco, I’ve been scouring Ravelry for things to make for Christmas gifts.  I have stumbled upon the greatest gift for my oldest son.   It is this really awesome Minecraft blanket.  I am so excited to go out and start buying the yarn for this, I think he will love it! 

I’ve decided this year is going to be a year of more handmade Christmas gifts.  I feel a little crazy thinking about gifts and its not even July but with the amount of things I want to make, I really should be working on stuff NOW.  

I might do these for my fil’s wife, along with some dishcloths/dish towels.  

Its getting harder and harder figuring out what to buy people, especially our parents.  They don’t NEED anything and really anything they want they can go buy.  Our boys are even getting hard to buy for and they are only 10 and 6.  

I would really like to knit something for my husband too.  I have yet to make anything for him.  He’s not a sweater person.  I’m not a sock knitter, I’ve tried, I can do it but its not fun for me.  I’ve been thinking about making him a blanket too.  

What are some of your favorite things to make for gifts?  I could really use some ideas!


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