My Morning Visitor

I wasn’t sure what my blog post was going to be about today.  Well no that’s not true.  I had an idea and was actually working on the post this morning when my day took an unexpected turn. 

I was up early today, my kids were still sleeping so I got ready for work and sat down to start typing.  I was in the middle of typing & stuck on what I wanted to say.  So I got up to brush my hair and put on makeup.  I walked into my bathroom, reached for my comb which was supposed to be on the back of the toilet in a basket.  My hand stopped mid air because I saw the hair dryer cord moving…except it wasn’t the cord….do you see where this is going???  

It was a snake.

 I’m still freaking out about it.  The worst part of it, I don’t know where it went.  My husband is reassuring me he went right back out where he came from and deep down I’m pretty sure of that too but I just can’t help imagining him hiding all over my house, waiting for me.  It doesn’t help my imagination is on overdrive because I’ve been on a huge Stephen King  kick lately and well, good things just don’t come from that.  

So after my hand stopped mid air, my mind registered what exactly it was and I screamed.  Like a little girl and proceeded to run out of my bathroom.  I stood in the doorway of the bathroom while I called my husband and then my mother in law. So I know he didn’t come out into the main part of the house.  We totally cleared out everything in the bathroom and he’s not there.  There is a small gap by the heating register where he most likely got access to the basement which then would lead him back outside through another small drain/crack/whatever.  He’s not hiding in my washer or in the baskets of laundry or just lurking…waiting for me to ‘forget’ about him and jump out at me while I’m not paying attention doing laundry.

 Nope that’s not what he’s going to do.  

The thing is I thought our house was fairly well sealed up.  We live in a very old farmhouse so I know its not ‘perfect’ and its drafty.  We’ve had the occasional mouse.  I can now deal with mice.  Mice and I are…not cool exactly…but I have cats & at least one dog who can and will deal with them accordingly.  

Snakes are just so….sneaky and quiet.  I think that’s what gets me the most.  They are too quiet.  Ugh…I’m freaking myself out all over again….I don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight…..Good thing I have my Vortex Shawl to work on!


Sorry for the lack of pictures for this post.  It all happened so quickly and quite frankly if I would have thought about my phone which was in my pocket I probably would have thrown it at him instead of snapping a picture.  I had thought of googling  a pic of the snake to put in the post but I just can’t.  

As for the post I was originally working on, well I’ll try to get around to it sometime.  Ironically, it was about my house/land and the back story and some plans my sister in law and I have in the works.  I’m not in a good place right now with where I live so that post might take a few days to write 😉


8 thoughts on “My Morning Visitor

  1. Judging from where you are, it was most likely a nonvenomous snake, just poking its head in to visit. I totally understand the terror of being snuck up on like that, though! I hope you find him soon, because not finding him for days just fuels the paranoia!

  2. Oh my! You have just experienced my worst nightmare. I am absolutely terrified of snakes. My horror of them is the same whether it’s a harmless one or a venomous one. All I can say is you are a much braver woman than me. Right after screaming for my husband I would have been calling the realtor. 🙂

    • LOL! Oh believe me I was actively looking for places to move to. I had found there are no snakes in Ireland or Northern Norway. I don’t know if the Ireland thing is totally true but a friend lives in Norway and she says they have no snakes! I’m so ready to move there! My luck though they probably have spiders the size of my cat. 😉

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