Enter the Vortex

Lately I’ve been in a knitting funk.  I have been working on some stuff but nothing that I can’t WAIT to knit.

 I finally found it.  The Vortex Shawl.



One of my purchases at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this year was two Paintbox Gradient kits from Fiber Optics Yarn.  It was a madhouse when we stepped into the booth.  There was nowhere to really turn, we sort of had to wait in line to even get to the Paintboxes.  I knew I wanted one but at the time with the rush and the crush, I should have really waited.  I picked out two and paid.  After I bought them I was sort of having buyers remorse (never thought that would happen with yarn!).  I loved the colors but they just weren’t me.  

I decided a few nights ago I really wanted to use them.  So after searching Ravelry for a few hours and looking at what other people made with their gradient kits, I stumbled upon this shawl.  I had it in my favorites for awhile & decided to give it a shot.  I am in love with this pattern! It is so easy and easy to memorize.  




7 thoughts on “Enter the Vortex

  1. Gorgeous! There are a couple of women in my knitting group who have knit that shawl – I think I need to get one on the needles at some point!

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