Too Much Yarn

So for my inaugural post to my shiny new blog I’ve decided to share with you my secret shame.  Something I never thought I’d actually admit anywhere or say the words out loud.  I have come to the conclusion that I have Way. To. Much. Yarn.  


I never thought that would be a problem that I would mind having. Honestly its not really a problem.  I mean I couldn’t afford to go out and re buy all of the yarn that I have right now and I will admit if I’m having a bad day opening my yarn cabinet makes me feel better.  

That sounds bad.

But really it does.  I believe its because the majority of my yarn comes from the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival so it still has that yummy sheepy smell to it.  When I smell it, it takes me back to hanging out with my friends on our annual trek to the Howard County Fairgrounds.


  This is only a small sampling of it from when I thought it would be a good idea to lay the majority of it all out this past fall.  There was still more hidden in boxes, bins and bags around my house.  It also doesn’t include my recent purchases from Maryland Sheep & Wool.  


So I have decided that this year is the year that I shall only knit from stash yarn.  

Then I got to thinking….

There are numerous Christmas gifts I want to knit and of course this yarn is NOT suitable for said gifts.  

My youngest son keeps begging me to knit him a sweater.  Again nothing suitable shown above for a sweater.  

How, may I ask, am I supposed to stick to a yarn diet if all of these outside circumstances are begging me to buy new yarn?!  


4 thoughts on “Too Much Yarn

  1. Welcome back to the knitblogosphere!

    I sympathize – I’ve also got a lot of stash and it’s starting to weigh on my conscience. Of course there’ll still be projects that require yarn that you don’t have. But I think that striking a balance between knitting from stash and knitting with new yarn is more reasonable (and more pleasant, and more likely to succeed!) than trying to go full-out cold sheep. Try looking at patterns you might knit with the yarn that you have, and get excited about it again! Then you can have both stash projects and new-yarn projects going at the same time.

  2. There is no such thing as too much yarn – unless of course you have no food and no house just yarn. I assume you have both of these things so moderate purchases for said gifts are completely in order!! There is much to be said for the therapeutic properties of sniffing yarn (especially recently purchased)!
    Glad you have decided to come back to blogging 🙂

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