Guess Who’s Back?

Again, I know its been forever.  Wow.  8 months.  Crazy.

Well, on the knitting front its not going well.  I’ve started new projects, ripped out old ones and I still don’t want to knit.  I’ll sometimes walk past my yarn cabinet and look at my yarn.


I miss it.

I sometimes want to knit but I just don’t have the ambition to.  I guess that’s what has kept me away from here.  I feel like I have to write about knitting but I really have nothing to say about it.

This past weekend I did decide to cast on for a new pair of fingerless mitts.  My youngest son is heavily involved in ice hockey and after spending a full day at the ice rink  wearing a very old pair of fingering weight mitts, that really aren’t warm.  I decided I needed & deserved a warmer pair.

IMG_2637I’m using the red, it is lovely and so soft.  Hopefully I can make myself actually finish them.

I have been spending a lot of my time traveling with my youngest’s ice hockey.  It keeps us busy from August until May.  Its fun but it is a little overwhelming.  I thought it would give me a lot of chances to knit but I find myself too busy talking to other hockey moms, taking pictures or wrapped up in the action.

My goal is to have at least one mitt finished by the end of the week.  Let’s see how that goes 😉


Stuck in a Knitting Funk

Wow,  I knew it had been awhile since I posted last but I didn’t realize it had been quite that long.  I hate to admit it but not much knitting has been going on in my life lately.  I’ve been in a knitting funk before but never this bad or for this long.  It is so bad that I really don’t care if I even go to Maryland Sheep & Wool this year.  Yeah, I know it’s THAT bad!   Needless to say I didn’t manage to get my long list of Christmas knitting finished.  Maybe I burned myself out with that impossible to achieve list.  Who knows.

I’m not really sure how to get back into knitting, I’ve tried all of the tricks that used to help me get back into it and nothing is working.  I’ve looked through my stash hoping something would make me want to knit it. While there is a lot there that I forgot about and do still love, I just don’t have the energy or desire to even want to find a pattern and wind the yarn.  I’ve been pouring over my issues of knitting magazines and through the pattern pages on Ravelry, hoping something with lure me back in.  Again, I’ve found some things that I would like to eventually knit…..someday but for right now, there is nothing I want to knit. So, instead of knitting I’ve been doing other things, like reading.

I have always loved to read but I go through periods where I’m knitting and I haven’t figured out how to knit and hold a book at the same time, I’m not big on audio books.  Growing up I was a huge Stephen King fan, I came across my old collection of books and started reading them again.  I forgot how much I love Stephen King!  He is the one famous person in this world I really, really hope to meet one day.  I’m not usually into the whole meeting celebrities deal but he is the one I’d want to just sit and talk to for a while.

I’ve also really wanted to start writing again.  Writing has always been something I have always wanted to do.  I remember when I received my first computer in the 8th grade, I would sit for hours and just type up stories.  I’m sure they weren’t good, they were mostly stories revolving around my group of friends and made up scenarios.    Then through high school I was on the school paper and I kept a journal.  I had always wanted to take a creative writing class in school but I was always too self conscious to do it.  I was afraid I wasn’t good enough.  So, over time I just stopped writing.  I tried getting back into it just with blogging here and various other places but I could never get it to stick.  I’d always run out of things to say…imagine that. I guess with this post I’m hoping that it will make me accountable to someone, somewhere.

Over time I hope to maybe post some things I’m working on here. I’m really looking for any feed back or advice.  I would really appreciate it!

Last Day of Summer

Things have been busy around here.  Getting back into the swing of school and sports.  I think Fall is honestly the busiest time for us.  We have hockey two nights a week and football three nights.  That doesn’t count games and extra lessons/practices on the weekend.  As it is now we are missing a night of hockey a week for football and a night of football for hockey.   I’m not really sure why I thought two sports in one season for one kid was a good idea.  I won’t be doing it again.


I haven’t been working on much knitting lately. However, I wanted to show you a little bit of what we did on our ‘last day of summer vacation’.  


IMG_3053 IMG_3051 IMG_3034


And yes, I did take knitting along for the boat ride.  However, I left the good stuff in the house, I only took the Red Heart 😉


FO Friday

I’ve been a little MIA lately.  I’m trying to get back into a routine with having both boys back in school.   I say it every year I know, but this summer really did fly by for me.  I feel like it was just a long weekend and now they are back to school.

 I feel like the only one but I actually miss my kids when I send them back.  I like having them home in the summer.  That’s one reason I like helping out in their school as much as I can.  I like getting to see them with their classmates and getting to know the kids that for the majority, they will spend their school career with.  I like just watching the kids and trying to figure out who they will turn out to be.  I like that I ‘know’ the kids not just from sons’ grades but from all of the grades.  I might not know them by name but they have come to recognize me and I’ll get a smile and a wave if I see them around town.    Its also nice forming my own friendships again.  Last night was back to school night for my oldest son and it was funny.  There we were, this huge group of mom’s in the lobby, laughing and exchanging new phone numbers, swapping first week of school stories and just  catching up from summer break.  It was nice to see my friends again 😉  

With my kids being back to school, weirdly enough I have not only been working more but I have also been getting more knitting done.  Maybe that can also be blamed for my blogging break.  I can’t just keep posting about all I have to do, I have to actually get it finished. 

I actually have a FO on a friday!  I’m so excited!!  






My Tappan Zee is finally finished!  I still need to block it.  I hoping it will stretch enough because its a little shorter than I had hoped it would be.  I’m having knitting issues.  I actually do swatch sometimes and I did for this.  I was running out of yarn by the end and had to omit a couple of rows at the bottom.   I did find a small ball of this yarn floating around my stash and ended up having enough to bind off and I could have even knit back and added a row or two but I was just done at that point.  

Hopefully, with school back in full swing and before I get busy with my own school obligations I can get the rest of my gifts finished up in time for the holidays!  

End of Summer Update

I’ve been slacking with the blog lately. I’ve been kinda slacking on the knitting too but I do have all of my projects planned out.  Currently my Vortex shawl is being held in time out.  I started the picot bind off and I ran out of yarn.  Now I’m in the process of ripping it out as well as the last few rows.  Its taking a LOOONNGG time.

I figured out a big, squishy blanket pattern for two people on my Christmas list.   I’m going to be doing the Surfrider Throw.  Here is my progress so far….

IMG_2957 IMG_2960


I think I’ll make two of these, I’m not sure yet.  I’m using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick.  I screwed up with my needle length too.  I didn’t think I had a size 13 interchangeable, so I went to A.C Moore and bought a set of 13 circular needles, not even thinking about cable length, I just picked up the first ones I found.  I really have those 170 sts jammed on that 24″ needle.  Of course after I bought them I realized my Addi Clicks have a size 13 in there.  Now I just need to figure out what project my 40″ cable is on…..

I also figured out my mom’s gift.  I wanted it to be a sweater of some sort but I just didn’t see myself casting on a sweater and having it finished along with everything else.  I dug through my WIP’s and totally forgot I had been working on a Tappan Zee cardigan a few months ago.  She had seen my working on it before and said she liked it. Bonus, its almost finished!  The picture is not very good, its a really dreary day here and I had a heck of a time even getting this shot.  Its really not this bright.




The only thing I haven’t cast on yet is the Dream Stripes shawl.  As soon as I get something finished, probably the Tappan Zee, I will cast on for that.  It shouldn’t take me too long.

The thing I’m really worried about now is Cole’s Arlo.  I started to work on it on Sunday and its hard.  Not hard, hard just time consuming,  I HAVE to pay attention and really follow the pattern.  I forgot how much I hate charts.

I just need to sit and work on stuff.  Maybe with school starting I can make myself do a row or two on it after I get them off in the mornings before I go to work.  I don’t know, I’ll have to work something out.

On another note, I’ve been having a hard time dealing with summer being over.  I’m honestly not ready for my boys to go back to school.  It really seems like summer vacation just flew by this year and I’m a little bummed that we really didn’t do anything this year.  It was really kind of a bummer of a summer :/

Today is my day off work so I decided today we would do something fun.  A kind of last hurrah before Monday.  Before Cole was in school I would take the last Thursday before school started and take Logan out and do something with just him.  It was fun.  Now that Cole’s in school too I decided he should some too.

I don’t know about you but it seems like when I TRY to plan something fun, fun is the last thing we have.  Nobody could decide on a fun thing to do.  Cole wanted to go to the beach (ummm, no.) or Hersheypark (again…ummm, no).

Then we were going to go to a movie.

Why is it when I want to take my kids to the movies there is NOTHING out that I want them to see?! I mean come on, if I have to practically take out a loan to take my whole family to a movie there could at least be something good to see!

The only option was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I know Ryan wants to see it too & unfortunately he works Thursdays.

By this time it was 11:30 A.M and we really had to decide and get ready.  We had to be home in order to go to Cole’s football scrimmage by 5:30.

Finally, we decided to go to the local park and play some tennis.  It was hot but it was fun.  We had started playing the middle of July.  The park we go to is nice and quiet, right by the river and nobody else is usually there.  I really wish we had made a point to go more often this summer.  Even if we had to get up crazy early to go.


So that’s what has been going on here.  Hopefully I can get out of this funk and get things finished.  I just can’t believe how quickly we are moving into fall!

I’m a Winner!

Last week I received a comment on my blog from Pia at Noget Uldent.  I had entered a giveaway on her blog and she had been trying to get in touch with me, I had won!   I was super excited I never win anything. Ever.   

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the goods!

First up is Pia’s very own pattern,  it is Simple With a Twist Cowl.  I cannot wait to make this.  I also got two hanks of manos del Uruguay Silk Blend.   

I have never used this yarn and I’m excited to.  It is so buttery soft, it is the perfect yarn to knit up a cowl for this winter.   I have to say  I’m not a huge pink fan but this color way keeps jumping out at me.  Its been sitting beside my knitting chair, and I keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye, begging me to wind it up and knit with it.  


So thank you Pia!  I had been feeling a little bummed out and this really brightened my day! 🙂

Vortex Update

I was going to wait to post a finished picture of my Vortex shawl,  I’m just so in love with it I just can’t wait….plus I have a question.




The pattern calls for a picot bind off, which I have never done.  How much yarn should I reserve? What is pictured is what I have.   I know I keep saying it and I should just knit instead of posting about it but I can’t wait to see if off the needles.  It is going to be SO big!  I really have no idea what  I will do with it, I don’t think I’ll wear it as a shawl, I’m not much into circular shawls but I love it.  


Also, I couldn’t wait this weekend, I cast on for my SSKAL14 project.  I haven’t gotten far, the pattern is pretty in depth compared with what I’ve been knitting lately.  That’s a good thing though.  Once I have the Vortex finished I will only have one mindless knit to work on when I’m out and about and the sweater will be for at home.  Here is my progress so far, which isn’t much.



This yarn is so hard to get a good picture of, I guess I’m just used to my day glow shawl.  😉

In order to get things finished I am not going to let myself post anymore until my Vortex is finished!



Summer Sweater KAL ’14

I was browsing Ravelry on Friday and I found just what I need.

No, not another project to add to my queue, though of course I have added some ;).

I have joined a summer sweater KAL in the Very Shannon group, I’m hoping it keeps me on track with my Arlo for Cole.

My plan was to finish my Vortex this weekend and be ready to cast on for the sweater tomorrow.  I don’t think its going to happen.

I’ve been pretty busy this weekend, I have had all good intentions of doing a major clean out of my house all summer and I’ve finally gotten around to starting yesterday. I’m nowhere near finished or even at a stage that I am happy with.

I have a few hours to myself while Cole is at his hockey lesson, I should probably get some work done while I have the house to myself 😉

Maybe Blogs about Knitting aren’t a Good Idea?

Tonight I’ve come to the conclusion that reading other knitting blogs is probably not good for me right now.  

As I’ve been stating numerous times, I have ALOT of Christmas knitting to do.  So much that I probably should have gotten a start on Dec 26, 2013.  So, as I was reading another blog and I had favorited probably the 5th pattern of the night on Ravelry from reading said blog,  I found a pattern that I felt like I had to knit right that very second.  I literally almost got up from my computer and went upstairs to start winding the yarn.  

Here is the pattern or possibly this one.   With this yarn….I absolutely love this yarn.  I got this two years ago at Maryland Sheep & Wool.  It is from Neighborhood Fiber Co. I had originally bought it to make this. 




Then I remembered myself and the fact that I am on a speed knitting mission right now because I really need to finish some things so I can free up the needles in order to start some of my Christmas stuff.  Plus I need to sit and really decide on certain patterns for some gifts, right now I only have basic ideas on what I want to make for some people.  

Here is my list so far…

Logan: Minecraft blanket.  Not so stressed about this since football practice is underway.  I’ve realized I can get a square done at practice a night.  So even if I do this only at practice I should be good.  I have 10/100 squares finished.  Almost finished with one color half finished with another.  

Cole: Arlo sweater. I have the yarn picked out for this.



 I need to rip out a shawl I’m not doing so I can have the needles so I can start this ASAP.  

Ryan: a blanket I think.  I was thinking sweater but he made a comment awhile back about not having his own blanket to cover up with.  I really need a good pattern though.

Mom: Was thinking of an Elfe.  Not  sure though.  I’d like it to be a sweater of some type.  Possibly another Pull Me Over?  She’s complaining because I had promised her a sweater for Christmas many years ago.  I still have it, not finished.  It is absolutely HORRIBLE.  The color is disgusting.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Just awful.  So glad I never finished it.  

MIL: a really nice blanket/lap blanket.  She is very crafty isn’t a knitter though.  Very hard to buy for and never wants anything.  Thought it would be a good idea to make something knitted for her.  No ideas though.

SIL: I work with this SIL, she crochets and kinda of knits.  She went with me to learn how to knit a very long time ago and also taught me how to read crochet patterns.  Constantly comments about wanting a shawl.  Was thinking of Dream Stripes with this yarn..


Its a bad picture.  Its KnitPicks Stroll/Glimmer, so it has sparkly bits throughout.  

Jane: This is my FIL’s wife.  I do usually knit her something small.  Was thinking of something easy.  A set of coasters or dish towels/cloths.  Could be a last minute thing.  Not stressing over this one, if it happens it happens.    

Very excited that the majority of this I can do from stash yarn.  I will have to buy yarn for some but not all.  I have  a ton of bulky yarn that I’m hoping to use for at least one of the blankets.  

Any ideas?  Favorite quick easy patterns?  Am I absolutely delusional thinking I’ll get all of this finished in time for Christmas?  


Tea Cups & the Comet

We have been trying to find fun things to do over the past few weeks, its really hard for a family of four to find things to do that don’t cost hundreds of dollars.   We live very close to Hershey, PA the place where the chocolate comes from.  Over the winter we attended a Hershey Bears hockey game and received free tickets to Hersheypark.  It is an amazing giveaway because it would run us well over $200 just to get in. It drives me insane how expensive it is to get into the park  and there is no option if you don’t ride any of the rides.  

We had made plans to go with my sister in law and her family but every time we had agreed to go, something would come up so we ended up finally getting to go this past Saturday, it was a hot mess.  Way too crowded and I didn’t realize how much of a big deal Hersheypark has become.  I guess I live to close to it that I just don’t see it as a big hot vacation spot.  

I had wanted to get more pictures but it was crowded to the point it was hard to even walk around let alone take pics.  Here is the only shot I had gotten.




Our kids love the tea cups & tilt a whirl.  We had gone to another amusement park earlier in the summer and they went back and forth between these two rides all day long.  They had wanted to do the same thing at Hershey but the lines were too long and the rides too far apart.  Cole is my little dare devil though, he rode a roller coaster with me!  We rode the Comet and he LOVED it!  I wish I had taken a picture or been able to get a video of it.  The entire time he was yelling and laughing, he had a great time.  

We ended up staying until almost 11pm, but they didn’t really get to ride a whole lot because the lines were just that long.  I really hope to take them next summer and spend more time there.  

Hopefully we can continue to squeeze in some fun in these last few weeks of summer vacation.